Employee Business Expenses & Home Office

Employee-Related Business Expense - See Below for Office in Home

Items NOT reimbursed by your employer. 

Most Common Deductions

Business miles (does NOT include commuting) must be documented.
Meals - while you are away from home overnight at least 50 miles from home.
Entertainment & promotions
Business use of cell phone
Business use of Internet
Education & Training
Travel & Lodging
Business supplies
Computer Equipment 
Job Materials & Supplies
Truckers - Provide Number of Days Away From Home Overnight - Provide per diem paid

Office In Home

CAUTION: This is a frequently audited form on a tax return.  To deduct office in home expenses you must
meet numerous qualifications -

Determining eligibility to claim office in home deductions is complex.  If I am preparing your tax return, I will ask additional questions to ensure you meet the qualifications. 

SAFE HARBOR AMOUNT - The IRS has provided a safe habor amount to use for office in home expenses not to exceed $1,500.  It is calculated based the # of s.f. used X $5/s.f.  This option may be used at the election of the taxpayer in lieu of actual expenses and is the recommended method.  If using an office in home deduction provide the square footage of the living space of the home and the square footage of the office space in the home used exclusively for the business.