How To Form an LLC in Alabama

Select a unique name for your business.

The name is reserved with the Secretary of State's office.  From the Secretary of State's website, reserve the LLC or corporate business name, then proceed with filing articles of organization on the SOS website.

Filing fees are due at the time of formation.

Follow up with obtaining an EIN (Form SS4) tax i.d. with the IRS.

Obtain all required state and local business licenses.

Mutli-member LLC's need to speak with a CPA or attorney to discuss buyout arrangements.  Who receives your interest in the LLC if you are unable to work, etc.?

The above information does Not include hiring employees, collecting sales tax and many other complex issues related to starting a business.  Seek professional advice.  Employer obligations are lengthy and should always be addressed via an initial consult.

Send an email if you need assistance with forming the LLC or tax and license applications.

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